The frontman of his self-titled band and Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper, has recently been interviewed by ‘The Mistress Carrie Podcast’ this week to talk about his latest studio album named ‘Detroit Stories’ and how did he become such a hero in Rock N’ Roll scene.

Alice Cooper’s latest album, ‘Detroit Stories’ has been released by earMusic last month and it’s the twenty-eighth studio album of the legendary Rock N’ Roll star. The album features 15 new tracks inducing three different covers from The Velvet Underground, MC5, and Bob Seger & The Last Heard.

In his latest interview, Alice Cooper was asked about his childhood heroes and do musicians have to kind of ride that line of genius and insanity to be a legendary rock star like him. While answering the question, he named many legends like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and The Beatles.

Here is what he said:

“Here’s the great thing about that era – people wanted us to be that, and we were glad to be that for them. They wanted their rock stars to be notorious, they wanted their rock stars to be mysterious, they wanted their rock stars to be trouble, they wanted their rock stars to survive.

Oh, this happened to him!’ Yeah, but did you hear the new record? ‘Oh my gosh, he survived that!’ and they wanted their rock stars to be consistent. When you heard a Beatles album, you went, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s better than the last one! How is that possible?’

You hear The Rolling Stones, you go, ‘Geez!’ 60 years later, they’re still rocking as hard and playing better than they ever have. I think people feel secure. If I say to myself in those days when I was in high school, ‘You couldn’t be a Cream fan and a Hendrix fan.'”

He continued:

“You had to pick one, so I was a Hendrix fan, and we’d sit there at lunch and argue about who’s better. ‘Yeah, well, Jimi plays better than Clapton.’ ‘Well, Clapton’s more classical than Jimi.‘ But that was great.

“Look what you’re talking about, you’re talking about music you connect to. Everybody loved The Beatles, that was easy, but then when you got with The Yardbirds and you’ve got The Who and The Kinks, and The Pretty Things and all these bands, you really had to pick the band that really affected you. We were a Yardbirds band.”

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