Alice Cooper recently gave an interview to Forbes in which he argued that everybody thought his band would only last a week and a half because it was so extreme.

Cooper formed his band, Alice Cooper, back in 1964 and adopted the stage name Alice Cooper soon after the band’s disbandment in 1975. Throughout his career in Alice Cooper, the musician became prominent with his shocking stage performances and raspy voice. After the band left the music scene, Alice Cooper decided to pursue his own solo career.

Known as the first artist who introduced horror imagery to rock and roll, Alice Cooper brought a new approach to the heavy metal genre. Back in 1973, he released ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ with the Alice Cooper band, and they reached a peak success. At that time, Cooper appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine due to the money they made.

While speaking about his tenure in Alice Cooper, Cooper revealed what he felt after appearing on the cover of Forbes. He said that no businessman wanted to be near him while on a plane before he appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine. The musician then said he began sitting in first class after that incident which is funny because he was still the same person.

Following that, Cooper recalled that most people weren’t used to the rock stars back in 1973. Moreover, he claimed after a big tour and hit records, Alice Cooper got everybody’s attention although everybody thought the band was so extreme that it would only last a week and a half.

Speaking about the time he appeared on the Forbes Magazine cover, Alice Cooper told Forbes:

I’d get on an airplane – and at this time I was the scourge of rock and roll, so there was no businessman that wanted to be near me. When the Forbes thing came out it was like, ‘Oh, could you please sit here – in first class?’ Because all of the sudden they related it with Forbes, you know? It was very funny. Because we were still the same guys.

1973. Wow. Well, people were not used to the rock stars. That tour was so big that it got everybody’s attention. Especially for a band that everybody thought would last a week and a half because it was so extreme. But if you have a hit record in this business, it doesn’t just speak to the radio – it speaks to all the money in the world.

Because, all of the sudden, they go, ‘Wait a minute… I gotta latch onto that…’ You know, follow the money. And so all of the sudden, with those hit records, people started following us. Instead of ignoring us, they had to start listening to us.

Despite being 73 years old, Alice Cooper, or ‘the Godfather of Shock Rock,’ has been rocking the stage for over 50 years. With his stage shows which feature illusions, horrific props, guillotines, fake blood, snakes, creepy baby dolls, and electric chairs, Cooper surely knows how to ‘shock’ the audience even today.