Hollywood Vampires’ legendary vocalist Alice Cooper revealed his favorite rockstar by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account and showed what he loves about himself the most.

In the caption of the post, Alice mentioned that he created a new character named ‘Alice,’ who is a rockstar and showed how much he loves this side of himself. However, he stated that he disconnected himself from this character.

In this way, Alice unveiled his longing for the concerts and the audience and the reason behind his decision could be not playing in front of the fans for a long time and forget how to do it.

Here is what Alice Cooper said:

I created a character that I really like – Alice is my favourite rock star. I totally disconnect myself from the character.”

You can check out the post below.

About a month ago, Alice Cooper spoke in the interview with KZZK and answered the questions about his retirement, revealing the time when he is going to retire from the scene.

Alice said that he is not thinking about retirement at all because there is no word close to retirement in his vocabulary. Also, he stated that he will stop doing music when people stop coming to his concerts.

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