Alice Cooper recently spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock and revealed that he was the one who told KISS where to buy their make-up. Cooper also stated that he had an influence on KISS while they were creating their own style including their looks and theatrical stage shows.

As you may know, Cooper’s extraordinary style as a musician contributed to both Alice Cooper the band and his own popularity and commercial success a lot. His black eye make-up and unusual props such as fake blood, reptiles, baby dolls, dueling swords pyrotechnics, guillotines, and electric chairs during his iconic stage performances.

A decade later, KISS was founded and its members, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss drew great attention thanks to their make-ups, unique personas, and stage shows. In his latest interview, Cooper mentioned that he knew KISS members before and inspired them to create their own style. He stated that he told them the place where they could buy their make-up.

However, Alice Cooper doesn’t think that KISS members copied his band’s style. According to him, it was their own creation that he appreciated very much for a very long time. Alice also added that he proved that the bands which had unusual styles and theatrical performances can become popular and produce hit records years before KISS.

In Cooper’s words, he said:

“We’d known KISS back in the day. We were not surprised about Kiss. We knew them back when they were…. before Kiss. We told them where to buy their makeup. People were going, ‘What do you think about this band that wears makeup?’ I went, ‘Yeah, I know who they are. They wear Kabuki makeup, and it’s not like mine and they’re not like us. They’re their own thing.’

When we first started the whole theatrics thing, I was hoping it was going to break the door down and say that theatrical bands could make hit records. We did that. Then KISS came and David Bowie came, and everybody that wanted to be theatrical could be theatrical and still make hit records. That was one of the few things that we did before anybody else.

Apparently, Alice Cooper wanted to highlight that his band was the among the pioneers who used different looks and theatrical stage shows by showing its success as the solid proof even though it became more and more popular with KISS and David Bowie.