The Godfather of Shock Rock and the frontman of his self-titled band, Alice Cooper, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of ‘May The Rock Be With You’ and talked about his new album ‘Detroit Stories’ as well as the pre-Covid world and his plans of touring in the near future.

As you might already know, Alice Cooper has released his twenty-eighth studio album named Detroit Stories which features fifteen never-released-before tracks last month and the album got great critics from reviewers. Even Wall of Sound author Gareth Williams scored the album a perfect 100/100.

In his latest interview with Australia’s May The Rock Be With You, Alice Cooper has shared his ideas about making live shows in huge arenas and stadiums. According to Alice, people would show their vaccine certificates to get in the show in the near future and there will be nothing to fear in that way.

Here is what Alice Cooper said:

“First of all, I’m a very big optimist about this. I think in six months, everything’s gonna be way, way better than it is now. I just think that the vaccine — I know in my hometown of Phoenix, there are, like, ten thousand vaccinations a day, and I’m sure that Los Angeles and all the big cities are doing this. And by that time, I would say half the population will be vaccinated.

And then I think that if you show your certificate that you’ve been vaccinated, why couldn’t you go to a concert? Show your certificate and get in the show. There’s nothing to fear; everybody’s covered.”

He continued:

“I think everybody’s being very, ‘Let’s not rush it. Let’s not this.’ But I’m more of a person that’s looking at reality. I think that we’re gonna have a really big resurgence of everything in the next six months.”

You can watch the interview below.

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