Alice Cooper was recently interviewed by Ed Masley from The Arizona Republic and revealed that Tom Morello was very eager to accept when Cooper offered him to play in the Christmas Pudding.

As you may know, Alice Cooper founded a nonprofit organization named Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock in 1995 and, The Rock Teen Center operated by the organization provides the young people between the ages of 12-20 free education in music, art, dance, film, and in other areas. When asked about why he found the organization, Cooper had explained that he truly enjoys watching the kids create and he also aims to guide them to keep them away from any trouble they can get into.

Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock organizes The Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding show each December in Phoenix to raise many for the organization. 19th Christmas Pudding show will be taking place on December 4 and it will involve performances from Ace Frehley, Sixwire, Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, the Solid Rock Dancers, and the Bucket Brigade. The event provides the audiences a great opportunity to watch live a wide of range artists.

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello is another important name who will perform in the show. In his recent interview, Alice Cooper shared his thoughts on this year’s Christmas Pudding participants and said that Morello didn’t think twice and quickly accepted his offer for the show.

Here are Cooper’s words on the show and Morello:

“We kind of fell into this thing. We can’t help from putting a show together. It’s sort of like a Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland thing. ‘Hey, I’ve got a barn!’ But the ones that we did get are the ones we wanted.

And while he was there, I went, ‘You know, the Christmas Pudding’s coming up,’ He said, ‘I’d love to.’ He’s just such a sweet guy. He didn’t even think twice about saying yes. We were giddy just going into rehearsal.

When you’re so used to being in front of 10,000 people every night and the adrenaline rush? And that’s the only drug in your system is adrenaline? And then you take that away for 18 months? It’s like coming off a drug.”

Alice Cooper also didn’t forget to mention the difficulties all the musicians had during the COVID-19 pandemic and expressed that he really missed being on the stage. As being one of the greatest showmen, it is no surprise to hear Cooper saying these words. His excitement for the show and being in front of people after a long time was obvious during the interview.