The legendary rock star of his self-titled band and one of the most talented musicians of the century, Alice Cooper, had a new interview with’s Gary Graff and revealed the latest details about his upcoming album: ‘Detroit Stories’

Alice Cooper gave a piece of good news by saying that the new album is %99 over already. However, the legendary producer who worked with the iconic bands like KISS and Pink Floyd, Bob Ezrin, is not content with the things they’ve done and trying to fix things every single day of the work.

Alice confessed that he wants Ezrin to put a lock and key on and say that it’s all over. However, he feels comfortable about how Ezrin dedicated himself to his upcoming album.

Here is what Alice Cooper told:

“It’s 99 percent done and just being polished. I’m really happy with this album. Right now Ezrin is just sitting at home listening to everything, going, ‘Hmm, I wonder if we should re-do that bass?’ or ‘Let’s try that third verse again’ or ‘Can we sing those three lines over again?’

I want him at some point to put a lock and key on and it says ‘It’s done!’ but I trust him to tell us when it is.”

Cleveland’s Gary Graff asked:

“You were already working on the song for “Detroit Stories,” right?”

Alice Cooper responded:

“That was one of ’em, yeah. We always over-write for every album, and here was a song that was just sitting there, and we just went, “Y’know, if we just direct that song to Covid-19, it might be something.” And I said, “Let’s make it a positive, encouraging song rather than tap into the horror of it,” which Alice normally would do. I wanted to make it something where it’s like, “Hey, don’t be so afraid. We’ll get through it.

Let’s treat it as an enemy and attack it as an enemy, and let’s be smart enough to know how to fight this thing.” It has that everybody pull-together, kind of rah-rah thing to it. It didn’t lose its edge. If it had turned out sappy we wouldn’t have put it out. But I think that when you have a character like Alice, let him stretch a little bit, y’know?”

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