During a recent interview with Classic Rock, Alice Cooper opened up about his hectic tour schedules over the years, just like another musician, Bob Dylan. According to the rocker, both have the same passion for music, which makes touring something instinctive rather than just a source of making money.

Since Alice Cooper embarked on his first tour back in 1968 named ‘The Prettiest For You Tour,’ the musician hasn’t slowed down a bit and has toured the world countless times. There aren’t many gaps between his tour dates, and the rocker has scheduled nearly 40 tours to this date in six decades.

Much like Cooper, Bob Dylan has traveled the world for his ‘Never Ending Tour‘ since June 7, 1988. He has played roughly 100 dates a year since, which is a heavier schedule than most performers who started in the 1960s. As of today, Dylan and his band have played more than 3,000 shows throughout his music career that spans over more than sixty years.

During a recent interview, Alice Cooper was told that he’s almost like Bob Dylan in terms of his own never-ending tour. The Godfather of Shock Rock mentioned an article about Dylan in which the musician said he makes music for the audience instead of making money.

If you ask Cooper, this is precisely why he still makes music and tours at the age of 73, as many musicians would retire already. According to him, there’s a vast difference between having to tour and wanting to tour. In his case, he isn’t obligated to tour at all; he just loves hitting the road.

When asked about his never-ending tour, Cooper said:

“I read this article about Dylan recently, and when they asked him when he was going to retire he said: ‘Put the money aside, I write songs, and I sing songs for the audience. That’s what I do, and everything else is secondary to that.’ And I think the same way.

I did a thing recently with Smokey Robinson, and we said if the promoters only knew, we would do this for free. There’s such a big difference between having to tour and wanting to tour. I don’t have to tour at all; I just love it.

While many aspects make Alice Cooper unique in the rock and metal scenes, his endless passion and pure love for making music may be the most significant quality that makes him precious for countless fans, just like Bob Dylan.