Hollywood Vampires frontman who is also continuing his career with his self-titled band, Alice Cooper, has made a new interview with Radioactive Mike this week and talked about his new album ‘Detroit Stories’ which is out right now at whole streaming platforms as well as the future of Hollywood Vampires.

As you might already remember, Johnny Depp had a really tough year back in 2020 after his ex-wife Amber Heard filed for divorce after staying married for a year. Amber has claimed that she was domestically abused by Depp himself and just after that, Depp sued his ex-wife for $50 million after he was called ‘wife-beater’ by many newspapers.

In a recent interview with Radioactive Mike, the iconic star Alice Cooper has mentioned Depp and talked about if Hollywood Vampires is officially over. According to Cooper, Depp is writing some new songs like crazy and they will likely release something new after the release of his latest album named ‘Detroit Stories.’

Radioactive Mike has asked:

“I’m hoping that the coffin hasn’t been nailed shut with Hollywood Vampires yet.”

Alice Cooper responded back:

“Oh, not at all. I just talked to Johnny a couple of days ago, and he’s writing like crazy. He just finished an album with Jeff Beck. And yeah, Johnny’s playing guitar with Jeff Back during this whole thing, and then, you know, all the Vampires are writing.”

He continued:

“Tommy [Henriksen, guitar] writes a lot and Joe writes and I write, so when we get back together, we’re going to be making an album pretty quick. That band is so good we could just put them in a studio and let them play live, and we’ll nail it.”

You can click here for the source and listen to the whole interview below.