During a recent interview with Kyle Meredith of ‘Consequence Of Sound,’ the legendary rock music veteran, Alice Cooper of Hollywood Vampires, has shared super-exciting details about their upcoming album.

Alice Cooper said that they had completed ‘bed tracks’ of their upcoming album in Detroit. They also decided to complete the album’s vocals during their Phoenix tour.

Here’s what Alice Cooper told to ‘Consequence Of Sound’:

“We’ve done all the [musical] bed tracks already. The bed tracks are done. We did them all in Detroit, and now we’re going to be doing the vocals in Phoenix, just because I’m between tours at the time and I’ve got some days off in Phoenix.

I said, ‘I really have to be home for a few days, so let’s do the vocals in Phoenix instead of going back to Detroit for the vocals.’ The essence of the songs are all done, ready to go.”

Alice Cooper also mentioned about his previous album ‘Breadcrumbs’ and stated that he made this album for Detroit players.

Here is what he said:

“It’s about Detroit. It’s all Detroit players. All the songs are from Detroit players or about Detroit. It’s hometown for me, so we just figured that we would do a tip of the hat to my hometown and came out with some interesting things

There’s a certain amount of R&B that’s built into these players. Even if they’re playing hard rock, there’s just a taste of R&B in there, and I can hear it on these tracks, which makes it different from anything else I’ve done.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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