The current guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss has recently joined a podcast named ‘The Metalsucks Podcast,’ and revealed details about potential money issues.

In a recent podcast by ‘The Metalsucks Podcast’, Alice Cooper’s lead guitarist, Nita Strauss talked about how she and the band affected by the cancellation of the upcoming tours due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus. Nita answered questions about the new types of meet and greets she has been doing with the fans preserving the social distance.

“I think there’s a way to do it while still being responsible when touring starts up – if we’re still needing to be socially distant and responsible.

It might be kind of tough to take a picture and put an arm around each other but in my meet-n-greets on my solo tours, it’s really like a big group hang, like a Q&A.

So I’ll be sort of in the middle of a semi-circle or if there’s a lot of people, I’ll be on stage and people will be on the floor, where the concerts happen, where they’d be standing, and we just hang out.”

Nita also answered questions about how expensive it could be to organize a tour and how she had been handling her financial issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“People don’t realize how much that helps the tour, the lifeblood of the tour. Touring is so incredibly expensive. My meet-n-greets are $50, and if I have ten people, to have an extra few hundred bucks a night, is the difference sometimes between keeping the tour going and not.

Because you have to pay your crew, you have to rent your vehicle, you have to feed everybody, and in my case pay your band members because I’m a solo artist, I’m a band of one.

So I’ve got four band members to pay and a whole crew and a rental of the van or the bus or the Bandwagon and the gas for the vehicle.

So, people that buy meet-n-greets, they may or may not realize that that extra $50 or extra $100 goes a very, very long way towards the continuation of the tour.”

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