Legendary frontman of Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper, spoke in the recent interview with KZZK and revealed when he will retire from the music scene.

In the conversation, Alice stated that the word of retirement doesn’t exist in his vocabulary and doesn’t think about retirement at all, even though he is over 70 years old. Also, Alice said that he will quit only if nobody came into his shows. In this way, he revealed the only option for retirement.

Furthermore, Alice revealed the relationship between the band members of Hollywood Vampires and mentioned how good friends they are. He explained this by saying that they had never argued about anything about the band, and they all support each other.

Here is what Alice Cooper said:

“Not in the least. That word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. A long, long time ago, I said if I come into your town and put on a show and nobody shows up, well, then I know I’m done.

That hasn’t happened. At 72, I was not expecting to be in two touring bands. And the Hollywood Vampires are just like my band – everybody in that band are best friends.

You’ve got Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and myself – three alpha males – and we’ve been together six years and I have never heard one argument. Everybody just goes, ‘OK. Good idea. Let’s try that.”

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