Alice Cooper, the iconic singer with a career of half of a century, shared a picture on his official Instagram page starting and asked his fans to change their profile pictures to support Cooper Movement and his merch Alice Cooper For President 2020.

Besides his successful music career, Alice Cooper also has a website full of merchandise consists of his music, his hot sauce, face masks, and even a teddy bear that fans adore.

Cooper also has a collection named Alice Cooper for President 2020 and he has t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and a poster with a catchphrase, ‘A Sick Man For A Sick Nation,’ and ‘Wild Party Forever.’

Alice Cooper recently shared a post on his official Instagram page and created a Cooper Movement in order to advertise his merch. He asked his fans to join the movement and change their profile pictures with the official Alice Cooper for President frame. 

Here is what Cooper said:

“Join the Minions for Cooper movement! Show your support by updating your profile picture with the official Alice Cooper for President frame – available free on Facebook. Search frames for “Alice Cooper Elected” and import to your Instagram profile!

Official Alice Cooper for President merchandise is now available. Link in bio.”

You can see the Instagram post below.