The legend himself, Alice Cooper, will meet his fans for a special event that he partnered with Airbnb, and it will be one of the greatest things that happened in 2020.

Alice and his fans will be gathering in an online horror meeting for Halloween, and they will have a spooky experience with lots of stories about spiders, ghosts, goblins, and the horror himself, Alice Cooper.

While Alice was mentioning the internet is the scariest place he knows, he showed why it would be a great experience to talk about the terrifying things online. Also, Alice revealed that they will be wearing costumes for this special event.

Additionally, Alice announced that all the profits raised from this event will go to North Star Ranch, which is a medical specialty camp that features life-changing camp experiences for the children.

Here is what Alice Cooper said:

“Love a good scare? Me too. With Halloween all but canceled, we’ll have to take our penchant for terror to the scariest place I know — the Internet. Join me for a spooky story session to celebrate the season.

We’ll read about spiders and spirits, goblins and ghosts and monsters and mutants — all of my favorite things, really. And we’ll do it in full costume. It’ll be a scary good time. (And suitable for children ages 6+ with an appetite for fright.)”

Let’s suit up and make this a spooky storytime to remember.”

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