Lead singer of the heavy metal band Huntress, Jill Janus commited suicide at the age of 43 on August 14, 2018.

During in an interview with Forrest of the Boise, Idaho radio station 96.9 The Eagle, Alice Cooper’s lead guitarist Nita Strauss has expressed her feelings about Jill Janus and said:

“Jill Janus was one of my best friends. So, yeah, I knew everything. We got sober around the same time, and Jill, she was very open about her struggle with depression and with mental illness, and she didn’t hide it from fans, she didn’t hide it from the world.

And, actually, she really used it as a force to help a lot of people, by being open with her struggles and what she went through in her life.

So it was really more sad… I don’t know if there ever is a ‘more sad’ than anyone else, but it was really, really sad to see it overcome her in the end.”

On her alcohol problem, she said:

“The great thing about Alice is he’s so inclusive. He doesn’t judge anybody. We could drink a beer or have a cocktail in front of him — his wife Sheryl will have a glass of wine here and there at dinner — and he doesn’t mind; he will never say a word.

The only time that he would ever get on anyone — which, thankfully, never happened to me — is if it started to affect your job. If I was going on stage sloppy, wasted, falling down, missing notes, forgetting parts, I’m sure I would have had a talk from Alice. But I was a really functioning alcoholic.”

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