The lead guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, has posted a new photo on her Instagram account to write a new update about her brand new merch that just received.

As you can see below, Nita showed off her heartwarming smile while writing a sweet message over the photo. Here’s what she wrote in the caption area of the post:

“Dropped off 12 boxes of a very cool new merch item to be shipped off to my fulfillment company today!!! The new web store will be up and running soon… any guesses what this cool new thing is?

(if you’re part of my Patreon and you already know, don’t spoil the surprise! 😏)
A new jacket from @beverlykillsca was perfect for this rainy LA day!”

An Instagram user, Tantimusic, commented:

“Clue: it is fragile according to the box.”

Nita responded:

 “Indeed they are.”

Another fan named Kayle commented:

“New merch! I couldn’t be more excited! 🤘”

You can see the Instagram post below.