You might already know that lots of social media celebrities having problems with their fake accounts who pretend like them and scams innocent fans using lots of different methods.

Today, Alice Cooper’s talented guitarist Nita Strauss posted a bunch of angry messages on one of these fake accounts on the comment section and revealed that she will not block the user to leave this as an example to the fans.

Here is what Nita herself wrote to the fake account named hnenita2527:

“UNBELIEVABLE. I’ve had a lot of scam accounts made of me but you’re the first one to actually comment on my page and talk to people.”

The fake account named hnenita2527 responded:

“This account is newly created to fish out imposters and it private handle by myself as I cherish my fans so much. I will encourage you to always report every suspicious account. That is not. Thanks for the support.”

Nita Strauss gets really angry at the fake account:

“You are seriously telling me to report suspicious accounts… Pretending to be ME?!

Ordinarily, I’d just block you but I’m going to leave this up as an example of the absolute absurdity of this situation.”

You can check out that bizarre conversation right below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram