Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper had a recent Twitter conversation on her official and verified Twitter account and made a confession about her music career.

As you might read the conversation right below, she doesn’t want to sing and, she doesn’t enjoy singing.

A user named Shane wrote this:

“I think you should sing, make you even more awesome.”

Nita Strauss responded:

“I don’t want to! I don’t enjoy it! Guitar is my art.

Also, thank you for your service!”

You can see these tweets below.

Last week, Nita Strauss made a new interview with Heavy1 TV and revealed the latest news about her second solo album.

Nita said that she’s working on her new LP for a while and the album is very much on the way.

Here is what she said on Instagram earlier:

“Just a quick update for anyone asking about more clinics on the upcoming tour. I have made a conscious effort to back away from over scheduling myself this last month so I can focus my day off energy on something very important- WRITING!! Album 2 is very much on the way!”

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