The phenomenal guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss has asked for the opinion of her fans on Instagram about her upcoming Halloween surprise while reminding her Patreon account to the followers once again.

One of the most successful guitarists of all time, Nita Strauss has been quite active on social media platforms, spending her free time in the global pandemic by communicating with her fans and recalling the good old days when she rocked the stages with legendary musician, Alice Cooper.

After she remembered the epic show she put with the mighty Iron Maiden, Nita has come up with the great news that will rejoice her fans, who are also Patreon members, during the most exciting time of the year.

Strauss has fired a discussion up on her latest Instagram post, in which she posted the picture of her spooky signed Halloween prints. She asked which prints are the best, the ones that have a silver signature on them, or the ones with the gold signature.

The majority of Nita’s followers have commented on what they think about the gorgeous photos and why they would prefer silver or gold. Also, some of her fans have said that the color of the signatures makes no difference since the prints are amazing enough.

Here’s what Nita Strauss said in her recent Instagram post:

“Poll: Silver signature or gold signature? I can’t decide which I like better. 🤍💛

These spooky signed Halloween prints are getting sent out to Patreon members this week! Hit the link in bio or swipe up in my story if you want one. 🎃”

A fan, whose name is Alex, replied as:

Gold is better. A lot of red color at this photo. Gold is more compatible with red but actually no difference.”

Another fan, whose name is Dani, commented as:

“First I thought silver, then gold, then silver… Really tough choice. Cannot decide. But I’m happy with whatever you will decide. 😄🤘🖤”

You can see the post below and check out Nita’s Patreon page here.