The iconic guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, made a Q&A session with the fans on Instagram and revealed that Steve Vai was the most effective musician on her guitar playing.

Alice Cooper‘s talented guitarist, Nita Strauss, has been actively using her social media accounts to reach out to her fans and connect with them, particularly during the self-quarantine days.

Recently on Instagram, Nita started a Q&A session with the fans and answered several questions. One of the questions from the fans was asking about the most influential musician on Nita’s guitar playing. As an answer to this question, she posted a picture of the guitar master Steve Vai.

Furthermore, another fan wanted to know how she had been spending her days during the quarantine and Nita shared the list of the things she had done:

“Released an online guitar course. Adopted a kitten. Getting ready to launch the summer body shred challenge. Writing my next album. Teaching weekly live sessions on my Patreon page. I think I’m busier in quarantine than out of it!”

Another Nita Strauss fan asked about the recent status of her kitten named Pantera and she replied:

“She’s great! So happy and full of energy and getting so big!”

See the photo Nita Strauss posted via Instagram stories below.


Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram