Alice Cooper’s lead guitarist Nita Strauss has reacted to a public collaboration request that she got from Misfit on Twitter.

The official account of Misfit has posted a charming photo of Nita and said to her:

“We love you, you’re amazing, you rock, etc. Now can we talk about a feature on your next album? We can hold down a rock-solid 60bpm. (But not much else.)”

Nita responded:

“You’re hired!!

Little known fact- I’ve worn this @Misfit Command watch for about 3 years straight! It’s the best!”

A fan named Fred replied to them:

“I’ve been wearing a Garmin forerunner the last few months but as I wear it on my picking hand it keeps saying I’ve done 100k steps a day as it counts strumming as steps 😑”

Another fan named Chris said:

“Haha! I love their slick pun they got in there 😂”

Check out the tweets below.