Alice Cooper’s successful touring guitarist, Nita Strauss, recently posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account and remembered the proudest day of her life while admitting that her achievement made her tear up.

As you may know, Nita Strauss is one of the most talented guitarists of our time and she’s highly praised by both her fans and fellow rockstars for her skills and character. Although she achieved mainstream fame with Alice Cooper in 2014, her talents were applauded earlier than that as she ranked Number 1 on the ‘10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know‘ list of Guitar World in 2011.

However, there are still some facts that are unknown about Nita Strauss, such as her great achievement in becoming ‘the first female Ibanez Guitars signature artist.’ Strauss has been active in the rock scene since 2003, and as she said, it took her ten years of hard work to get to the point that she had always dreamed of.

In the caption of her Instagram post, she wrote that releasing Ibanez Jiva, her signature guitar, was the proudest moment of her life and that seeing her guitar on the convention floor brought tears to her eyes. Nita Strauss said that although she was the first female guitarist to have a signature guitar, she is much happier now that Yvette Young and Lari Basilio have joined her.

Here’s what Nita Strauss said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“This time 4 years ago was one of the proudest weekends of my life when my signature guitar Ibanez Jiva made her debut at The NAAM show ✨

Anyone watching on the live stream definitely saw me burst into happy tears on the convention floor at the sight of it. No shame! It took 10 years on the Ibanez roster to get to that point, and I get emotional about these things.

I will always be immensely proud to be the first female Ibanez Guitars signature artist, but one thing I said over and over that weekend was that now that I was there, I wanted to be the first of many. And with the incredible additions of Yvette Young and now Lari Basilio, we are well on our way.

Eternally grateful to the amazing team at Ibanez for bringing my dream guitar (now in 3 versions!) to the world 🖤 and if you have a JIVA, I hope you love yours as much as I do!”

Click here to check out the photo that Nita Strauss posted on her Instagram account.