Photo Credit: Nita Strauss - Facebook

On Instagram, Alice Cooper’s talented guitarist Nita Strauss posted her picture on Total Guitar magazine and stated how honored she was to be mentioned in the ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ list after Queen’s Brian May.

The current guitarist of Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, shared some exciting news with her fans on Instagram.  The list of ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ was released in the recent issue of Total Guitar magazine, and apparently, Nita was among the many guitar legends.

Queen’s iconic guitarist Brian May was on the cover of the issue, and he had an exclusive 9-page interview with the magazine. Brian was the #1 name on the list voted by the readers of Total Guitar. Additionally, the list divided guitar masters into different categories such as ‘Top Ten Blues Players’ and ‘Top Ten Best Players Right Now.’

On a recent Instagram post, Nita Strauss shared the photo of herself taken for the magazine and stated how honored she was to be mentioned among so many guitar icons. Nita was chosen as the #1 of the ‘Top Ten Best Players Right Now’ list. On the caption of her post, she shared the exciting news with her fans and expressed her respect to Brian May:

I was just excited to get this Top 100 Total Guitar issue with Brian May on the cover, much less find out that I’m in it too!!

Thank you so much, Total Guitar 🙏🏻 I am beyond honored to be mentioned anywhere on this list, and now I’m even more excited to get it!”

You can see the photo Nita Strauss shared on her Instagram account below.