Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist and also solo artist, Nita Strauss, shared a couple of unseen photos on her verified and official Instagram page today to share what she feels about her long-time friend and photographer Kyler Clark.

As you may already follow his career, Kyler Clark is a Nashville-based lifestyle photographer and also the management assistant of Alice Cooper’s self-titled band. According to his official website, he toured the whole world for a decade as an assistant, photographer, and social media administrator.

While Nita celebrated Clark’s birthday, she also mocked him by saying he’s the biggest baby on the stage. Right after sharing the celebration message, Kyler himself went to the comment section of the post and responded to the post of Nita.

Here is what Nita said:

“In the spirit of birthdays. Please join me in wishing a VERY happy birthday to the biggest baby on the stage (that’s not an insult- he really is the one in the giant baby costume) the one and only Kyler Clark.

Kyler wears many hats on tour- in addition to being the baby, he is also our talented live photographer, Alice’s trusty assistant, and Frankenstein. So here’s a pic of us together somewhere on the road!!

ALSO, Kyler is the king of the dad jokes so everybody leaves a dad joke in the comments to make him laugh on his birthday!!

I’ll start things off:
What’s brown and sticky?”

And here is what Kyler Clark commented:

“Aw thank ya ma’am! Why did the dog check into the hotel? Because he wanted a WOOF over his head!”

Check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram