During the recent interview with LA Weekly, Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez told an untold story of his collaboration (the band named ‘Slash’s Snakepit’, formed by Slash in 1993) with Slash and other GN’R members.

He has revealed the special abilities of Slash, and said:

“With Slash, he’s a great lead player but he has a lot of funk groove in his playing. A lot of time, the Marshall amps mask his feel a little bit, but he has a pocket and a groove that’s really special.

Between me, Matt Sorum, Gilby Clarke and him, we had a really good thing — it was easy to track with Slash and Mike Clink on the boards.”

He continued:

“We’ve played hundreds and hundreds of shows with William [DuVall] at this point, worldwide, every country you can think of. We’re still hitting new countries. We’re still hitting places we never played before.

Between the old band and the new band, obviously it’s a different singer, different human being completely. I hate to compare Layne [Staley] to William because they’re two different guys.

As far as William growing from the time that we started jamming with him in 2006, it’s been 12 years of just touring, being in rehearsal places and recording studios, arguing over parts, and you either grow together in that kind of environment or you grow apart really quickly.

I’m happy to report that after 12 years, we still love William and it’s a team sport for sure. We move like a basketball team — every person plays their part.”

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