Alice In Chains star Jerry Cantrell, who is quite active with his entertaining post on Instagram, has shared yet another video today and paid his respect to George Lucas’ legendary franchise, Star Wars.

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads all over the world and people needed to wear masks in their ordinary life, every single franchise that has iconic masks in it becomes more and more popular these days. Today, Jerry showed how he had fun with his recently bought Darth Vader mask.

By the way, Jerry Cantrell tagged his long-time friend who takes that iconic video: An American underground comix and also mainstream comic artist, who is known as the drawer of Popeye, Bobby London.

Here is what Jerry told on the video, as he represents the iconic conversation of Darth Wader and Luke Skywalker at the end of ‘Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back.’

“Luke, I am your father. Take out the garbage.”

And here is the caption of the video:

“Darth Brunch… May the froth be with you.
Video by @iambobbylondon.”

You can check out the funny footage of Jerry Cantrell right below.