The lead singer of Alice in Chains, William DuVall, has made a recent interview with Ireland’s Overdrive and revealed his favorite album of 2019.

In his interview with Overdrive, William DuVall has spoken about their upcoming album, the feeling of working with Alice In Chains, and his experience in performing as a solo artist.

After being asked his favorite album of 2019, he responded to this question by mentioning Tool’s latest album called ‘Fear Inoculum.’ He has praised Tool‘s latest album, calling it a big statement for the rock genre.

Here’s the statement of William DuVall:

“I would say TOOL‘s return to the world was a big statement, especially for the rock genre. Their method of releasing the album was so clever and it had such a huge impact on a global scale.

I mean, just the announcement of the album’s release was a big news story. They really make their own rules and that’s an incredible thing. The fact that a band of that genre, releasing an album at this time, and generating No.

1 status all over the world, was just incredible and is a huge achievement. Also, the show is fantastic. I went and saw them in Atlanta. Adam [JonesTOOL guitarist] invited me to the show; he’s a great friend. All those guys are all just so awesome.”

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