Code Orange’s talented drummer and also the frontman of the band, Jami Morgan, had a new interview with Radioactive Mike and talked about their new album ‘Underneath’ which is out for almost five months.

While talking about the details of their latest work, Morgan also talked about lots of things from working with Chris Vrenna on his new album to his collaboration in ‘The Hunt’ with Corey Taylor.

In this rare interview, Jami also made a very spectacular statement while comparing the legendary bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains. Mike asked to choose his favorite album band among Nirvana, Peal, Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains.

As you may check out the answer of Mike below that Jami Morgan picked Alice in Chains over these legendary bands without having any doubt by saying that the band is his best of all time.

Here is what he said:

“Alice in Chains for sure. Dude, Alice in Chains is just so raw and so emotional, and you could just feel the darkness of those dudes’ lives on their music. They’re one of my favorites, ever. And I just feel like they have this darkness to them.

I mean, I love Nirvana too, but I don’t know… I love the artistic direction, I love everything about how all those first Alice in Chains records have, you know, they obviously come from one aesthetic and one vibe, and it’s just so emotional and so raw.”

He continued:

“There’s no band that sounds like them. We even talked about maybe trying to do a cover or something. It’s tough because it’s so hard to recreate, and I think that’s really rare.

I think some of the other bands you mentioned, Alice in Chains is not just songs, it’s like from someone’s dark soul. So yeah, Alice in Chains.”

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