Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell recently teamed up with one of America’s oldest instrument makers, Epiphone, to release a custom Les Paul guitar called ‘Wino’ and Prophecy Les Paul Custom model in Bone White. Cantrell announced the release of the guitars from his Twitter account.

Cantrell has commonly played G&L Guitars’ Rampage model in his shows. Two models have been close to Cantrell, and they were both produced during the ’80s. Their look was maple body and neck, a subtle way of performing rock and roll. The musician has also used Fender and Gibson Les Paul guitars with primarily white and ivory colors.

Once a musician is involved in rock and roll, the guitar they play, from its brand to its color, determines their image and sound, becoming one with them in terms of having a signature style. A musician can sound different in a range of brands, and it is essential to customize their guitars according to how they like to represent themselves.

Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell recently teamed up with one of the oldest instrument makers to create his custom Les Paul in dark red and a Prophecy Les Paul Custom model in bone white. The guitarist announced the releases on Twitter and stated that he worked closely with Gibson and Epiphone for the models and shared an introductory video. Both guitars are available for sale worldwide on the Epiphone website.

Here is what Jerry Cantrell tweeted:

“I worked closely with Gibson Guitar and Epiphone to present you with two special edition guitars; the ‘Wino’ Les Paul Custom, inspired by my own Gibson Les Paul Custom, and the Custom Prophecy. Both are now available worldwide on the Epiphone website.”

You can see the tweet below.