Alice In Chains singer and guitarist Jerry Cantrell spoke in an interview with Metal Hammer and explained his thoughts about late Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell. He said:

He’s one of the greatest artists and songwriters of all time, not only in my small town, but worldwide, and that always made me really proud. He set an example of how to do shit and set an example of what not to do, and I respected that, too.

Chris had a part in steering a direction there; you don’t need this shit, you don’t need miscellaneous bullshit – you need the music. He was a very deep and emotional writer, and I feel like I have an affinity with writers like Chris.

He didn’t pull any fucking punches at all and that’s never been my style, either.”

Interviewer said “Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone and Alice In Chains were all signed to major labels, and suddenly this little town in Washington state became a worldwide phenomenon”, Jerry responded:

That was incredible and terrifying at the same time, because you’re going from a local band with kickass status to being the thing of the world; you’re part of a movement,” says Jerry, unable to contain his disbelief even today.

It’s still a fairy tale thing; I get emotional about it because of how much time has passed, how many of us are not here any more, but also how potent that music was and it still lives – that was the whole goal.”

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