Mastermind of Alice In Chains, Jerry Cantrell spoke in a recent interview with Meltdown show, and revealed new update on his upcoming solo album.

Interviewer asked ‘Do you consider doing more solo stuff?’, and Jerry responded:

“Sure, yeah. I’m always kind of working on stuff, it’s just kind of what I do. I just enjoy making music and messing around with it. I’ve done a few soundtrack things over the last couple of years with my good friend Tyler Bates, who does some really great soundtracks – the one for ‘John Wick’…

Who knows… I’m a guy who pretty much focuses on what I’m doing at the time; I’ve done a couple of solo records before and you could see me doing something like that if we… it’s mostly if we have time because when it’s Alice time, that’s what time it is.

We may take a little time here, and I know Will’s got some stuff that he’s going to put out, do some shows. I’ll work on some stuff and I’ll let you know.”

He also revealed his favorite riff that he wrote, and said:

“I’m proud of pretty much all the stuff that we did and have done to this point. ‘Check My Brain’ [from 2009’s ‘Black Gives Way to Blue’] is pretty unique; it’s a really simple riff, it’s just a two-bend single-note riff.”

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