Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently shared an Instagram post with his fans to announce the release of his two new signature Gibson guitars.

On January 17, 2020, Jerry Cantrell officially joined Gibson as a brand ambassador. According to the news, Gibson has recently collaborated with Cantrell and introduced the release of two brand-new guitars: Jerry Cantrell’s ‘Atone’ and ‘Fire Devil’ Songwriter acoustic guitars.

Available worldwide through authorized Gibson dealers, both guitars were made according to Cantrell’s specifications. The Jerry Cantrell ‘Atone Songwriter’ appears in Cantrell’s music video for the single ‘Atone,’ and it has unique and personalized features to serve both the musicians’ and fans’ needs.

On the other hand, the Jerry Cantrell ‘Fire Devil’ Songwriter is limited to 100 units, and each guitar will be hand-made by experts of the Gibson Acoustic Custom Shop in Montana, USA. The guitar has a thinner body depth for comfort, a unique ‘Fire Devil’ pickguard, Cantrell’s signature, and many other personalized features.

In a recent Instagram post, Jerry Cantrell decided to share this exciting news with his followers. He first thanked Gibson for collaborating with him and bringing both guitars to life. Cantrell then shared a video featuring the ‘Atone’ Songwriter acoustic guitar and the ‘Fire Devil’ Songwriter acoustic guitar, saying both are currently available worldwide.

Jerry Cantrell’s Instagram post read:

“Thanks to Gibson for helping me bring two beautiful signature JC guitars to life today. Featured here is the ‘Atone’ Songwriter acoustic guitar – swipe for the ‘Fire Devil’ Songwriter acoustic guitar, limited to 100. Both are available now worldwide through authorized Gibson dealers.”

Below, you can check out the details about ‘Atone’ Songwriter and ‘Fire Devil’ Songwriter guitars in the videos shared by Gibson.