In an interview with Kerrang, Jerry Cantrell remembered and shared his experiences with ‘MTV’s Unplugged’ and confessed how even though he was ill, Metallica being there kept him going.

Alice in Chains was formed in 1987 and caught fame and like other legendary bands as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, they peaked in the early 1990s. The successful grunge band sold 30 million records worldwide and although the band is still active, their last studio album was in 2018. 

The band recently recalled one of the highest times of their careers and talked about their acoustic concert experience with MTV Unplugged. In the performance, Alice in Chains performed their most loved and most successful tracks and made their fans love the unplugged version of each one of them.

However, as Cantrell recalls, the experience wasn’t as great for him due to an inconvenient illness he had to go through. He stated that it was difficult for him to be there because he had ‘food poisoning’ but he felt okay as soon as they hit action due to adrenaline.

Here is what he said about his illness:

“Oh yeah, I had ​food poisoning. But when the lights went green, the cameras started rolling, my body gave me some adrenaline and dopamine I needed to get through it.”

Cantrell also mentioned that every member of Metallica was there watching the show and that especially helped him a lot because of the special rock and roll bond between them. He stated that Metallica was in their inner circle and that is why he got strength with their presence during the show.

“​Having Metallica watching the gig helped, those guys have always been in our inner circle of rock n’ roll brothers, so to have the whole band there meant a lot.

Even though Metallica’s presence gave him power, he went back to feeling bad after the show was over yet years after MTV’s Unplugged was considered one of their best work. Even though their fans loved them for their heavy metal music, the raw material was way more appreciated and loved than predicted.