Alice In Chains mastermind Jerry Cantrell spoke in an interview during the recent ceremony of Grammys. He has shared his thoughts about the claims that ‘rock is dead’.

Here’s the statement:

“Things are always changing, right? That is just the essence of existence, and life. There’s always change happening. Nothing is fucking static. It’s going somewhere.

Where it’s going to go, who the fuck knows. But as far as I’ve been alive, there’s always been rock. And it always spoke to me in a way that was really powerful, and visceral. And not just rock, just music in general. Being a recording artist, whatever your genre.

I think any generation can turn into the old man yelling at the kids to get off your lawn. ‘They don’t understand anymore.’ And I remember my parents didn’t like my music too much either, so it’s totally normal for that to be the case.

I’m just lucky I still have something to focus on that I dig doing. And that I’ve got my friends around me to make that music with.

Somehow, after 32 years, there’s still millions of fans that we get to stand in front of, and travel around the world, and play our music to. And new stuff is just as important as anything that we’ve put out before.

We’ve always been an in-the-moment, now-thinking band. We don’t look too far back, and we don’t look too far forward. We’re always trying to forget about what we’ve done before.

We don’t need to worry about sounding like ourselves, because that’s just how we sound. It’s an established thing. So really it just comes down to pleasing yourself. I believe that this record is as strong as any record we’ve ever put out.”

He also revealed his future plans, and said:

“Still just trying to figure out what I want to do next, and what the band wants to do next. Right now we’re kind of at halftime of this campaign. We toured from spring of last year, til November. And then we’ve taken a couple of months off. We’re going to start up again in March, and go all the way until fall again.

And then that’ll be the end of the campaign. And we’ll probably take some time to step away from the band for a little bit. And then figure out where we go from here. That’s what we do. That’s what we’ve been doing for the last three records. And that’s been 12, 13 years now. And it seems to work pretty good.”

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