Singer and guitarist of Alice In Chains, Jerry Cantrell spoke in an interview with Ernie Ball, and shared the story of how he got into rock music and guitar.

He also revealed his favorite KISS member. Here’s the statement:

“I went to live with my father, who was stationed in Pennsylvania. You know how kids – your Christmas wishlist is on your door so you can kind of tell your parents what you want for Christmas?

I had only one thing on there; I had a Les Paul on there because I was a big KISS fan and I always loved Ace Frehley. I think I probably wrote over the top of it, ‘This is all I want.’ It was just a picture of a Les Paul.

Couple days before Christmas, the presents start piling up underneath the tree, and I saw something that looked like it could be a guitar case, so I’m, like, ‘I think I got it.’ I was so excited.”

He continued:

“Come Christmas day, we started opening up our presents, I open it up thinking it was a Les Paul… and it was just a little nylon-string acoustic guitar. I was so fucking bummed out, I was so bummed.

I kind of looked up at him and I probably said something; he’s, like, ‘Look, you learn how to play that first, and then I’ll buy you a Les Paul. I’m not buying you a Les Paul until you learn how to play that.’ And of course, I messed around a little bit and it went in the closet.”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statement.