Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell was interviewed by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich during the recent episode of “It’s Electric” podcast.

Lars Ulrich asked ‘do you remember the first time that you thought maybe William is the guy for Alice?’. Jerry has revealed tragic story of William, and said:

“Well, he was part of my touring band. I was dating a girl that actually had dated Williams drummer’s ex, basically. So that was our connection. She was a real big fan of them. They were moving from Atlanta to LA. I was in LA recording my record. That’s how we met.”

Here’s the tragic part:

“And I liked them and I liked him right off the bat. They were good kids and I just liked the energy of a band trying to make it. And they were all in, together. They’re all living in the same apartment. They all came out the same van. They got little shitty jobs to be able to make enough rent. You know, the thing that we all did.

And it was just kind of cool to be around there. And I even, like, sat in with them a couple of times when their bass player went to jail or something like that. Adam went to jail.”

Lars said ‘Not because he missed the bus – he went to jail, of course’, Jerry continued:

“But, we had the benefit of that – we’d become friends doing that. And then, I was looking into putting together a touring band to support the record. And that was also a very hard record for me to support because Layne passed away right at the beginning of me releasing that record.

So that was a whole shitstorm of emotional stuff there too, and I was not in a great state physically anyway for various reasons. And that just kind of put the cap on it. But I did go out and tour, and I asked them if they would be willing to be my band, basically. And they said yes. And they said, ‘Would you mind if we opened up for you too?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, no problem – if you think you can pull two sets a night, then go ahead.’ And they did.

“So you know, we did stuff from both of the records, ‘Boggy Depot’ and ‘Degradation Trip,’ and of course a lot of the stuff that I had written with Alice as well. So we had a lot of experience on-stage of he and I doing what Layne and I did, and doing it pretty well.

And so when the conversation came up, between Mike [Inez, bass] and Sean and I, I was like, ‘I think I know a guy to call.’ And so I invited him down and we played – and the first song I think we played together was [1990’s] ‘Love, Hate, Love.’ And that’s a big piece to bite off. And he fucking nailed it. Sean and Mike looked over at me and they’re like, ‘Yeah, okay, I think this guy can be good,’ you know? And so that’s how everything started.

Click here to source of the statement. (Alternative Nation) Watch the interview below.