Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell showed his latest appearance on Instagram and revealed what happened to the unexpected guest that he met yesterday by mentioning Guns N’ Roses legend Slash.

As you might remember, a snake was lost in the garden of Jerry, and he took a video of him. Apparently, a snake didn’t leave the yard of Jerry, and he called the experts from Los Angeles zoo to get him out of his garden safely.

Also, Jerry stated that Slash was the viable choice for calling during this problem because of his interest in the snakes but seemed like he didn’t want to bother Slash during the self-quarantine days.

In the video, you can see that Jerry left some crazy beard during the self-quarantine days, and he was looking handsome as hell with it. However, he mocked his beard for some reason we don’t know.

Here is what Jerry Cantrell captioned:

“Snake problem? Who are you gonna call? Slash of course, duh!? Thanks for introducing me to Ian from the LA zoo who came over and expertly removed my unwanted guest, and relocated him to a more suitable location. Glad we didn’t have to kill him.”

A fan named Sam added this comment:

“Of course Slash would be able to help out… I like the quarantine beard.”

Another fan named Kay said:

“Love snakes. Very cool, thanks for sharing this and having him removed humanely!”

You can check out the post below.