Alice In Chains mastermind Jerry Cantrell spoke in an interview with SoundLounge and explained his thoughts about band’s late singer Layne Staley. He said:

“The way we have always gone about things before Will [DuVall] got here and since he’s been here has been really organic.

We’ve just kind of followed our own thing, and done things that felt right for our own reasons. We’ve been really lucky to have a really long career doing that.

There is no replacing, Layne so we weren’t asking Will to come in and try to be Layne, we wanted him to be himself.

Will and I had already spent time together and we’d played the stuff. And Alice In Chains has always been a two-pilot aircraft to fly vocally, that’s just the way it had to work.

We always had a real chemistry that way, every record that we’ve done, we’ve tried to be really interchangeable, because it takes two pilots to fly the plane.”

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