Jerry Cantrell released his new track named ‘Siren Song’ from his upcoming album ‘Brighten’ and made his fans look forward to his album, which he will drop after almost two decades of not releasing an album.

Cantrell’s last solo album, ‘Degradation Trip’ was released in 2002. Even though he released two more singles after that, he didn’t create a whole album. The musician has been working on this record since 2019 and has released three singles before the official release date, October 29.

His latest single from the album is the ‘Siren Song,’ which made his fans look forward to the entire album. The fans generally stated how much they have missed hearing Cantrell’s songs and exclaimed that this new release made their week.

A fan stated in a comment:

“This literally made my week better. What a beautiful song!”

A fan showed their excitement:

“This song is very entrancing, must have played it about ten times already today & ordered the single on Flexi disc & vinyl. Can’t wait to see Jerry tour this album, got tickets for his show in Toronto. It’s been far too long!

Here is another fan who was excited about his new album:

“Jerry Cantrell is the only artist that makes me feel again, hyped for his new album!”

In ‘Siren Song,’ Cantrell shows his fans his talents by making a melodic entrance with a heavy sound. After his acoustic show, he moves on to a more distorted sound without losing the melody, which is why he makes his fans ‘feel something.’ Considering the singles ‘Brighten,’ ‘Atone,’ and ‘Siren Song,’ the album will take the listener on an epic journey, and the fans cannot wait to hear the rest of the album.

You can listen to ‘Siren Song’ below as well as his other two recent singles, ‘Brighten’ and ‘Atone.’

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