Jerry Cantrell, the founder and co-lead vocalist of Alice in Chains, has shown his new coronavirus style which would cause his followers to forget the illness for a moment and pretty amuse his fans.

Cantrell has found the way of making fun a little bit during these tough days we try to be highly careful about the safety of us and our beloved ones. Aware of the need of taking precautions and wearing a mask, Jerry Cantrell has put his style in it.

The mastermind of Alice in Chains, Cantrell has displayed his new masks which are designed based on the various film and series figures or interesting ideas such as a pig mouth print.

Along with the pig mask, Jerry Cantrell’s other four masks include the one with a zip mouth print, the mouth of Darth Vader, the mouth in the poster of The Silence of the Lambs, and Beavis and Butt-Head inspired mouth. Sharing his new staff which his fans really liked, Cantrell said that he is having a little fun with safety.

Here is what Jerry Cantrell said in his post he shared the masks:

“Having a little fun with safety.”

He also shared a post in which he wore Beavis and Butt-Head mask and said:

Yesss!!! … uh … uhuhuh… shut up butt munch.”

You can see Cantrell’s Instagram posts below.

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Having a little fun with safety

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Yesss!!! … uh … uhuhuh… shut up butt munch

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