In a recent interview with Rock Sverige, Alice In Chains singer William DuVall and bassist Mike Inez spoke on how they create their new album Rainier Fog.

William said:

“There are things that happen individually and then it’s sort of brought together and then hashed out from there; usually that’s how it works.

There might be some teaming up if maybe there are some ideas [Jerry] Cantrell [guitar, vocals] hasn’t finished up or if you get to the group and people have ideas about this or that. It starts individually and then it ends up collective.”

Mike added:

“It’s a filtered process. By the time it gets to… I think any band is like this – 80% of your initial riffs are just shit and 20% are good. [Laughs] From those, then 10% coalesces into, let’s say, the ‘Rainier Fog’ record.

We all say at this point, we’ve mixed it and it’s no longer our record, to be honest, it’s your record. We’re handing it off to you, ‘Here’s the record!’ and now it’s not ours anymore. We hope people like it.

I was talking to Jerry about this when we were doing an interview yesterday. It’s kind of like almost not our business what you think about it and vice versa. It’s not your business what we think about it.

We’re more than happy to share what we think about it, but on that level, it’s like a thing and we’re in it together and we’re enjoying it together now. To birth this thing was such an undertaking.”

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You can listen the “Rainier Fog” from below.