Alice in Chains recently posted a photo on their official Instagram account with which they commemorated their band’s former lead vocalist and co-founder Layne Staley who passed away on April 5, 2002, exactly eight years after Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s passing.

As you know, Alice in Chains was formed in 1987 in Seattle by lead vocalist Layne Stanley, guitarist and vocalist Jerry Cantrell, and drummer Sean Kinney, and bassist Mike Starr. AIC came to be known as one of the pioneers of grunge but their music also incorporated heavy metal elements.

The band achieved mainstream success after the release of their third EP ‘Jar of Flies’ in 1994 which ranked No. 1 on the Billboard 200, making it the first-ever EP to achieve such a success. However, soon after that, the band’s success started decreasing because off Staley’s deteriorating physical and mental health due to heroin abuse.

From 1996 onwards, Layne Staley decided to step out of the spotlight, and not perform again. He struggled with depression and addiction for most of his adult life and on April 5, 2002, he passed away due to a speedball overdose, and his body was found by his mother and then manager two weeks after his death.

Alice in Chains and their fans paid tribute to the young rockstar yesterday. The band shared a photo of Staley on their official Instagram account and just added a black heart. Thousands of fans commented under this photo and shared their unending love for him while stating that he’ll always be their favorite rockstar.

Here’s what they wrote in their caption:


Photo by: Karen Mason Blair Photography”

This is what a fan commented:

“A legend definitely, my favorite person and one of my favorite vocalists of all time. Rest in peace, Layne Staley, we love you and always will! 🤘🏻”

And another fan said:

“Thank you for touching my life. I love you and miss you so much. I hope you sleep in peace.”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Alice In Chains – Instagram