On a recent Twitter post, Alice In  Chains showed that they can play the legendary song of the band, Nutshell, even without, Layne Staley, who is the original vocalist of the band who died in 2002.

After the fans got used to listening to Nutshell from Layne, most of them thought that this song shouldn’t be played on the concerts because it would be horrible without the voice of the Layne.

However, the band uploaded a video from the 2018 concert in France, which they were playing Nutshell, and William Duvall amazed the fans with his performance. In this way, Alice In Chains proved that they can perfectly play this song for the audience right now.

Here is what Alice In Chains wrote:

On this day in 2018, performing Nutshell in memory of our good friend, Vinnie Paul. | Clisson, France.”

You can check out the video below.