The official Instagram account of Alice In Chains has posted a new photo on social media to show off the latest trip of the band’s drummer Sean Kinney to the capital of Greece, Athens.

You may already be familiar with Sean’s passion for the bikes that he once again showed his admiration to them by wearing a t-shirt that every single person should consider riding bikes instead of using cocaine.

Here is the thing that is written on his shirt:

“Buy bikes. Not cocaine.

El Solitario way of life.”

According to the caption of the post, this recent photo of Sean Kinney was taken by the long-time photographer of Alice In Chains, Scott Dachroeden.

Here is what’s written on the post of Alice In Chains:

“At The Temple of Poseidon last summer in Greece. Sean Kinney likes to ride motorcycles and spread wisdom on days off during the tour.”

You can check out Sean’s photo that was taken in Athens right below.

Last month, another Alice In Chains star William Duvall had an interview with Kerrang and exposed what he things about the late vocalist of the band, Layne Staley.

During the recent interview, William opened up about the similarities between William and him voice-wise and talked about his approaches to riffs and harmonies.

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