The official Instagram account of Alice in Chains has celebrated the 11th anniversary of the band’s song ‘Check My Brain‘ with a surprise announcement, however, some fans remarked their complaints about the availability of the song on iTunes.

On a recent Instagram post, Alice in Chains has announced the news which will gladden the fans of the band as the date marked the release of ‘Check My Brain’ 11 years ago. Alice in Chains gave an opportunity to the fans to appear on the Instagram Stories of the band’s official account.

Alice in Chains asked their fans to tag the band’s account in their covers of this song and use hashtag ‘CMB11‘ for a chance to get a repost in the stories. While lots of fans said how they loved the idea, some of them complained about the problem of ‘Check My Brain’ on the streaming services.

The fans said that the song is not available on iTunes in the UK. Some of them also added that the whole album, which includes ‘Check My Brain’, ‘Black Gives Way to Blue‘ is not available, as well. They said that it has been nearly 2 years since they cannot listen to it on the Apple Music asked for a solution.

Here is what Alice in Chains said on their recent Instagram post:

“On this day in 2009, we released ‘Check My Brain.’

Tag us in your covers of this song, and use hashtag ‘CMB11’ for a chance to get a repost in our stories.”

A fan named Andy commented as:

Not available on my iTunes…”

Another fan, whose name is George, said:

“Still can’t get ‘Black Gives Way To Blue’ on Apple Music UK and it’s been like 2 years.”

You can see the post and the music video of ‘Check My Brain’ below.