Alice In Chains icon DuVall revealed his favorite bands while naming Jimi Hendrix during the recent interview with Metal Hammer and shared his opinion about tribalism in the metal community.

In the conversation, DuVall stated that tribalism was a thing in earlier days while describing himself as a non-member of any tribalism. Also, he said that this is so pointless for the music scene.

Furthermore, DuVall revealed that his favorite bands even didn’t care about this thing and went the way they wanted to go all the time, naming Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Black Flag. Additionally, he claimed that Bad Brains is the greatest thrash band ever.

Here is what DuVall said:

“I don’t consider myself a member of any scene. But there was a lot of tribalism in punk rock and hardcore in the early days – and the old punk versus metal thing.

If you had long hair at a punk show, you were getting the shit kicked out of you. Or if you as a punk rocker turned up to a heavy metal show, you’re getting the shit kicked out of you – end of story.

I don’t worry about it because I’ve always seen how pointless it is. My favorite bands always went the way they wanted to go. Jimi Hendrix went the way he wanted to go. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Black Flag, they all did it their way.”

He continued:

“Bad Brains, they were the greatest thrash band that ever existed, and imagine those guys being that good at a certain kind of highly musical, virtuosic hardcore speed rock and then they decide to go reggae on your ass.

You’ve got this audience of testosterone-filled boys ready to wreck a room and mosh all over each other, and then those guys drop a dub thing. How pissed off those kids would get, man?! And that’d only make Bad Brains play the whole set that way!”

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