Alice in Chains singer William DuVall spoke in an interview with Eonmusic, and revealed the details about his collaboration with Elton John.

DuVall praised Elton John, for the star’s contribution to the title track of 2009 release ‘Black Gives Way To Blue’, and said:

“We were all fans of his from we were little kids. And he was amazing in the studio. Like, he showed up like a total pro and was there to serve the session, serve the song; he’s a great musician.”

Interviewer asked:

“You’re now three albums into a career with Alice in Chains; did you know that it was going to last this long when you joined?”

DuVall responded:

“Well, there’s no way to predict that kind of thing. We didn’t know when we got going; it was just sort of like, we’ve really just been making it up as we go along. I think that’s the best thing to do, because, what’s that old thing about making plans is the best way to make the universe laugh at you? So we just, we kind of take it one at a time, you know?”

Interviwer said:

“You must have felt immense pressure stepping up to take that job.”

DuVall replied:

“Right. Yeah, sure there were challenges, but, we also, we knew what we were doing and we knew what we had. We did about two years of touring before we ever stepped into the studio, so we found our chemistry on stage right away.”

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