Last week, we announced that Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor engaged with his long-time girlfriend Alicia Dove. Corey’s fiancee Alicia wrote recent tweets about their engagement and shared the story about how did Corey propose her.

A fan named Gitte asked:

“How did he propose? :)”

Alicia responded:

“The first time I cooked for him and made him lamb chops before he had to perform with the cast of Supernatural.

I burned them badly and we smelled of lamb so fiercely. Hated it for all the vegans we were around after that (god we are so sorry). We smelled like a couple of kabobs.

We laughed so hard that night over our mutual embarrassment. It proved to me that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we can laugh together – and hard. I think that’s so important.”

A fan named Brittany wrote:

“My husband proposed to me while i was doing laundry. It’s better when you least expect it and doesn’t seem staged. Congratulations to you and

Alicia responded:

“Totally. I feel this. My nails looked like complete shit all chipped and fucked up, and I didn’t care. Just perfect. I’m so thankful I had no idea it was coming, too. Thank you so much!”

You can see these tweets below: