The legendary Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s lovely wife and also a famous dancer in America, Alicia Taylor, had a recent Twitter conversation with a fan and revealed an untold truth about Corey.

After Alicia stated that she’s going to make vegan pigs in a blanket, some of the fans wanted to learn if Corey and Alicia herself are vegan or not.

Alicia stated that she can’t claim vegan but the couple is trying to go vegan-based food for almost 9 months.

Here is what Alicia wrote first:

“Gonna attempt to make vegan pigs in a blanket wish me luck.”

A user named Rock Feed asked:

“Are you a vegan? If so, have you tried Beyond Meat? I’m obsessed.”

Alicia Taylor responded:

“I don’t claim vegan, but CT and I went mostly plant-based since last August. We do occasionally eat fish, but I’d like to cut that out as well. We just didn’t want to be annoying about it and do it for ourselves and the reasons we felt were important.”

Another user named Oh-it’s that girl amazed Corey’s status and wrote this:

“I never considered Corey as a possible vegan, but cool! And I don’t think it’s annoying. Studies show it’s a very healthy lifestyle.”

Alicia Taylor responded again:

“Thanks yeah we’ve seen great results, but I mean annoying like shove it down everyone’s throats and boast about it – sometimes it comes off as holier than thou and we didn’t really want to be like that. Just wanted to do it.”

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