The professional dancer Alicia Taylor, who’s also the wife of Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor, recently posted a tweet on her Twitter account and opened up about a person that has been contacting her through social media who claims that she’s Corey’s soulmate and that they are eventually going to end up together.

As you know, Corey Taylor and Alicia met back in the 2010s and it can be said that it wasn’t love at first sight for them. In fact, in late December Alicia Taylor had revealed that she’d turned down Corey multiple times before accepting to go on a date with him, as her heart knew that she should but her ‘brain had to have time to follow.’

However, Corey seems to have impressed the talented dancer as the couple has been married since October 2019. Nonetheless, since their marriage, there have been multiple accusations directed towards Alicia, such as using Corey to promote her dance group Cherry Bombs and make her way into his business, and she often uses her Twitter account to address this type of comments and accusations.

However, this time, she tweeted to talk about a ‘very vocal fan’ who keeps contacting her, saying that she and Corey are soulmates, that they communicate through dreams, and that they’re destined to be together. Alicia said that she finds this hilarious and that she needs to joke about such things ‘to keep the heebie jeebies away.’

Here’s what Alicia Taylor said in her recent tweet:

“There is one very vocal fan that truly believes she and my husband are soulmates and that they are destined for one another, and she thinks she can speak to him through her dreams.


I have to joke to keep the heebie jeebies at bay.”

You can check out Alicia Taylor’s tweet below.